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This mouthwatering plate of pasta (see photo above) was the winning dish during this year\’s Barilla Pasta World Championship, where chefs from around the world competed for his or her most creative interpretation of pasta.

Created by Chef Accursio Lota of Solare Ristorante in San diego, ca, the winning dish is largely an innovative spin on traditional carbonara pasta.

He shares how he produced a plate of rich, creamy goodness without resorting to eggs and dairy. \”I took the carbonara concept, and substituted the chicken eggs by using a seafood egg base [recipe below]… Next, i cooked seafood, scallops, red shrimps from Mazara del Vallo, cuttlefish and amberjack fillet on a very slow temperature in guanciale [cured meat] fat to resemble the rich meatiness of pasta carbonara… Using this method we have a new edition of \’carbonara\’ without having eggs with zero dairy\”.

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So what does carbonara pasta without eggs and dairy taste like? There\’s only 1 strategy to find out. Here\’s the recipe by Chef Lota to help you do it in the home:

Ingredients (serves 2)

Fish stock:

  • 500g sole bones
  • 500g squilla mantis
  • ? white onion
  • 2 stalks of celery
  • 1 twig of fresh thyme
  • 3l water
  • Ice

The seafood egg base:

  • 200g fresh clams
  • 200g fresh mussels
  • 30g tuna bottarga
  • 50g sea urchin eggs fresh
  • 30g salmon eggs cured
  • 20g fresh scallop corals

Shrimp stock:

  • 6 red shrimps (large) with go on (Gambero di Mazara del Vallo 1st.)
  • 1 shallot
  • 1 stalk of celery
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • 750ml of water
  • 250g of ice
  • Salt/white pepper

The pasta + sauce:

  • 150g Academia Barilla spaghetti
  • 2 tsp (+ 2tsp for finishing) extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 shallot
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 fresh red chili pepper
  • ? glass of dry white wine
  • 1 tsp finely chopped parsley
  • ? tsp organic green Mandarin zest
  • Salt/white pepper
  • 60g of fish eggs base (see sub recipe)
  • Fish stock
  • Shrimp stock
  • 2 items of Mazara shrimp meat (with the shrimp stock)
  • 18g Ossetra caviar

The seafood:

  • 5kg of guanciale
  • 100g of amberjack fillet
  • 2 whole small cuttlefish
  • 2 small fresh scallops (save the red coral for any base)
  • 4 red shrimps already cleaned (on the shrimp stock)
  • Salt/white pepper


Fish stock:

Sear the bones of sole along with the Mantis, then place them in a giant pot.

Dice the onion and celery. Add the vegetable as well as thyme in the game when using the fish.

Add the ice, while the water and bring to simmer, cook for as much as 45 minutes.

Strain as well as set aside.

The seafood egg base:

Bring a pot of water to boil, then pour above the mussels and clams. Count 8 seconds after which get them and shock in the ice bath.

Chilled, get rid of meat through the shellfish and thoroughly reserve the cooking water.

Put the clams as well as mussels, you can add the remainder of the eggs (bottarga, urchin, salmon eggs, scallop coral) towards a blender and blend until fine.

Keep the base refrigerated.

Shrimp stock:

Clean the shrimps, get rid of head as well as the carcass, reserve the shrimp meat and place aside.

Roast the shrimp carcass in a tiny pot plus the heads along with some extra virgin olive oil.

Add the vegetables, roast for 3 minutes, and then cover with Ice.

Add the lake, bring the flame to medium. After Half an hour of cooking, look for impurities (they may move towards the top) and take them.

Bring to simmer and cook for about 40 minutes.

Filter and place aside.

The pasta + sauce:

Add the added virgin this kind of oil right 12-inch saut pan, in addition to the diced shallot, sliced garlic, and thin sliced red chili pepper. Set out to cook at small heat. In the event it actually starts to be translucent, add the white wine. Allow wine evaporate and then give a bit of shrimp stock including a little bit of fish stock.

Meanwhile, bring a medium pot of salted water towards a boil.

Cook the pasta for about 6 minutes, then pour the spaghetti on the saut pot using the sauce.

Keep cooking and add shrimp stock and fish stock, cook within the sauce for approximately 3 more minutes (maintain the pasta very al dente).

Cook the pasta with the fish egg base, and also the zest of green mandarin up until the mixture is creamy.

With the shrimps, chop them fine, don\’t add any seasoning. Seat in the pasta in a very quenelle shape.

Next into the shrimp tartare seat a quenelle of Ossetra caviar.

The seafood:

Dice the guanciale, pour inside a large pot and render (liquefy) unwanted fat.

Then filter it, and save unwanted fat.

Cut the amberjack fillet into small rectangles, season with salt and white pepper.

Clean the cuttlefish, open the meat part and work out squared incisions which has a sharp knife. Keep the tentacle whole, then season with salt and white pepper.

Clean the scallops, take off the coral, and save it to the base (recipe above) and season with salt, white pepper.

Clean the red shrimps, season with salt and white pepper.

Pour the fat into a pot, provide 44 deg C, and seat the the many fish and seafood inside the fat. Keep the temperature always at 44 deg C. Each of the fish and seafood will cook in 12 to 22 minutes.

Then remove through the fat and seat over the top a napkin, to maintain them dry.


With long skinny tweezers, roll the pasta right into a vertical roll and seat on the plate.

On the side, plate the amberjack, scallops, cuttlefish as well as red shrimps. Garnish with chives.

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