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A several months ago, somebody shared on Instagram they was quitting lens forever. A check-up a great eye infection revealed that her cornea already had thousands of scratches, putting her vision vulnerable. Her doctor attributed it to her years of frequent lens wearing C including coloured lenses C which as time passes starved her eyes of oxygen.

Hers isn\’t a remote case. Wearing for the purpose of have grown to be standard, be it for vision correction or cosmetic purposes. But could something as seemingly harmless to be a lens really cause lasting harm to your eyes? Associate Professor Lim Li, senior consultant with the Corneal and External Eye Disease Department, Singapore National Eye Centre, shares her take below.

From a doctor\’s opinion, does one recommend wearing disposable lenses?

The safest option for vision correction would wear glasses. Lens wear is often safe but can be associated with unwanted side effects for instance dry eyes and allergic conjunctivitis. The most serious complication connected to contact wear is infective keratitis however is fortunately uncommon.

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Can?wearing lens daily cause permanent problems for one\’s eyes??

It is important to get regular eye checks along with your lens care practitioner or doctor to truly will not develop complications on account of contacts wear. Whether you develop permanent damage from long term lens wear relies on whether you develop complications. The greater common complications for instance dry eyes and allergic conjunctivitis usually are mild in nature all of which will improve whenever you stop lens wear. However, the greater serious complication for instance infective corneal ulcer may cause permanent destruction of the eye area.

What will be the common infections and risks due to wearing for the purpose of?

There are a number of complications regarding lenses wear and they include mild allergies to severe corneal infections which are potentially sight-threatening. Lens wearers must be on a constant consider warning signs of complications. Such as eye diseases, redness, pain, tearing, itching and blurred vision. They need to consult their eye care practitioners or doctors promptly as long as they have the above symptoms.

Complications involving lenses wear include:

– Allergic conjunctivitis

Giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC) the type of condition connected with contact lenses wear, particularly soft lens wear. The conjunctiva is normally red and inflamed within the growth of papillae, which have been little raised red nodules from the conjunctiva. The lenses wearer may suffer itching, increase lens awareness and discharge of mucus in the eyes.

In mild cases of GPC, lens wearers can usually resume their contact lenses wear with added focus contact lenses cleaning and disinfecting and they\’re advised to replace their soft lenses more often. In severe cases, lens wear ought to be suspended a minimum of a month. Treatment with medicated eye drops may decrease the inflammation and symptoms. Re-fitting which includes a disposable soft lens is required and if GPC remains present, switching to rigid permeable lenses may allow successful wear.

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– Infected corneal ulcer

This is one of dangerous standard zoom lens related complication. Once present and if therapy for this is delayed, it may not be actually possible to prevent complications such as scarring, perforation or even just decrease in the head.

Corneal ulcers occur with greater regularity in extended or overnight soft lens wear compared with daily soft lens wear. A corneal ulcer is marked by way of red eye, worsening pain, photophobia (sensitivity to light) and tearing. The lens wearer may watch a white spot inside cornea. If this takes place, take out the lenses immediately and consult an eye-care practitioner or doctor.

– Corneal hypoxia

Corneal hypoxia (deficiency of oxygen) is amongst the most commonly encountered complications that comes from over-wearing contacts. Contacts lower the quantity of oxygen that your particular cornea gets and this also can cause irritation and discomfort. Corneal hypoxia may present as increasing redness and discomfort over the morning because the lenses are worn. You may also have swelling within the cornea and veins growing in to the cornea. Lenses wear ought to be stopped for that cornea to heal after which it the head ought to be re-fit which includes a lens which includes higher oxygen transmissibility.


How should i keep their eyes safe when wearing lenses?

To wear contact safely, lens wearers should:

– Have your disposable lenses fitted by the registered lens care practitioner and use regular check-ups. Tend not to purchase contact lenses online without prior fitting as contact lenses has to be fitted good shape and curvature on the cornea.

– Follow lens care instruction properly especially cleaning and storage of lenses.

– Replace lens consistently.

– Never re-insert lenses without first disinfecting.

– Always wash hands in advance of handling lenses.

– Avoid swimming with lenses within the eye.

– Avoid wearing contacts overnight.

– Discontinue wear if red eye develops.

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Who should avoid wearing contact lens??

Contact lens wear may not be well suited for some people. Including, people in a dusty environment or face chemicals, and the ones with dry eyes, allergic rhinitis and asthma.

Is it entirely possible that disposable lenses to have lost in one\’s eye?

Yes, sometimes the lens can get lodged from the lower or upper eyelid along with the lens wearer may forget how the lens is not really taken off a person\’s eye. The lens lodged during the lower lid can be easily removed. However, the lens lodged within the upper eyelid might be more difficult to remove and can require your lens care practitioner/doctor to flip over the upper lid to get rid of the lens.

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