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Dr Dennis Chua, ear, nose and throat specialist at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, discusses a thyroid problem along with the common conditions linked to it.? ?

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What is definitely the hypothyroid?

The hypothyroid is actually a butterfly shaped gland in the neck which secretes a hormone which helps our bodies use energy and keeps mental performance, heart, muscles along with other organs employed as they must.

Thyroid nodules (lumps) may develop in thyroid glands and therefore are common. Approximately One in 20 patients will have a thyroid nodule that may be felt. Thyroid nodules tend to be more common in women in comparison to men. However, if your male carries a thyroid nodule, the risk of him developing thyroid cancer is higher.

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What causes thyroid lumps?

Patients frequently check if a thyroid nodule or malignancy is the result of smoking, diet or lifestyle. The simple answer will be no. Most thyroid nodules grow spontaneously. Genetics can potentially be described as a factor, since thyroid nodules are already noted to run in families. Radiation exposure especially during childhood may also increase the potential risk of thyroid nodules and cancer, though now you have an uncommon cause.

Besides the presence of a neck lump that will move with swallowing, there are actually frequently nothing else symptoms. Most people using a thyroid nodule will have a normal thyroid hormone level and thus will not have signs of excessive (hyperthyroidism) or inadequate thyroid hormonal levels (hypothyroidism).

Patients with advanced thyroid cancer is capable of displaying compressive symptoms such as breathlessness, inability to eat (when the swallowing tube is compressed), hoarseness and pain.

Investigating thyroid nodules (lumps)

A thyroid nodule is just a lump that grows about the thyroid gland. It really is solid or full of liquid (cystic). A thyroid nodule that may be larger than 1

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