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Stop Phubbing – A Singapore Survey Finds That It's Hurting Relationships Much more than You\’re thinking that

Phub, what?

In case you haven’t heard, phubbing may be the act of snubbing someone in preference to your smartphone – and it\’s also becoming more and more common.

The term phubbing?(pronounced far-bing) was coined in 2012 as an element of a campaign by Macquarie Dictionary, and possesses been widespread consequently, because of growing smartphone usage.

Remember if your friend kept examining her phone whilst you lost shopping along with her? Or when she couldn’t stop checking for messages over dinner? Irrespective of whether phubbing is justified – have you ever an urgent message to reply to, or you’re trying to avoid an awkward conversation – it is actually considered rude usually.

A recent large-scale survey by Singapore Polytechnic students found out that most young adults in Singapore aged 15 to 35 perceive phubbing to generally be unhealthy for relationships using their partner, family. The impact definitely seems to be the most for romances.

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Of the 785 interviewed, 61.7 per-cent felt that phubbing deteriorates human eye conversation, while 58.2 per cent believed phubbing negatively affects their relationship with their partner.

And here’s the interesting part: Men will be more particular about phubbing than women are. Based on the survey, 62.8 per-cent of males agreed that phubbing worsens their relationship with regards to their partner, compared to 54.5 per-cent of females.

So the next occasion you’re out with your man (or someone else you value), it’s best to leave your phone inside bag – if you don\’t established a mutual phubbing ‘protocol’, like if everyone uses their phones in a specified time, or if you be sure that they wouldn’t hold it against you.

After all, nobody loves to be phubbed. It’s the new-age way of ostracising.

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