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A?Key details just like the sum assured (what the insured party receives if the claim is manufactured) may well not seem important while in the excitement of planning your holiday, says Mr Brandon Lam, Singapore head of monetary planning group at DBS Bank.

“But such details can produce a change should something unfortunate occur. Be sure to be aware of the coverage, benefits as well as any exclusion in your own holiday insurance policy before purchasing,” he tells.

After all, there are actually different types of plans that supply varying benefits and coverage. Some common benefits include personal accident, trip cancellation, delay flying, lost baggage, emergency medical evacuation and so forth.

These benefits vary among insurance vendors and plans concerning limits/excess, definition and insured perils. Discover one that is best suited for the needs you have.

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A?It is prudent to read through the insurance policy document carefully, like the details in it. By way of example, coverage for slows down will vary across insurers and many might not cover terrorism, and delays the result of strikes, riots or civil commotions or delays the result of operational factors as opposed to mechanical reasons.

Trip curtailment offers you insurance protection if you need to cut short your holiday when you find yourself already overseas, due to reasons laid out in your contract (for example official travel alert, certain illness et cetera).

“Also, if you would like emergency medical evacuation when you are overseas, you\’ll want to first speak to your insurer or its authorised representative near you you are in. This is due to it\’s often produced in the insurance policy contract his or her opinion is called for on stylish medically appropriate to evacuate yourself to another area for treatment, or even to resume Singapore,” says the loan industry Disputes Resolution Centre (Fidrec).

In addition, you must clarify with the insurer whether emergency medical evacuation due to pre-existing conditions is covered before your persue the protection.

In the way it is of an flight delay, the insurer would usually state while in the policy which the delay must be for no less than six consecutive hours before claims can be done. In case your flight is delayed at under six hours, you would not be eligible to submit a claim.

Q Exactly what “KNOWN EVENT”?

A?Your insurer also can not cover you for which is commonly termed a “known event”. Usually, this implies a civil commotion, natural disaster etc that threatens your health or disrupts your holiday. They may be typically made known to you on your airline or hotel, or publicised through media reports or government travel advisories, as well as up with the policy.

If the known event happens once you\’ve bought your policy, you could be qualified to claim for cancellation of trip, if that\’s as part of your policy. But look into the exclusion clauses to make certain eligibility of this claim, Fidrec advises.


A?Most travel policies cover accidental loss in your own private belongings by theft, such as, be subject to the exact t\’s and c\’s in the policy.

You should first generate a police report of your incident your travel destination. The neighborhood police report is generally a required document any time you submit your claim upon return.

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Q Imagine You might have PRE-EXISTING Medical ailments?

A?Most travel insurance policies do not cover pre-existing issues. This is often much like most health insurance coverage policies, that have such exclusions of their coverage.

So if you\’d like travel insurance that covers you for a specific sickness you have, look around carefully for example you like. Don’t hesitate to inquire about the insurer if you have any inquiries with this, including the measure of coverage.

Furthermore, note the meaning of pre-existing condition inside the policy before you decide. This really is typically expressly defined to mean any injury or sickness – including any complications which will arise – that you know about before you start your journey. This may also include ailments you just have gotten diagnosis, consultation or therapy for a period (say, Calendar year) just before you start your holiday, adds Fidrec.

Q Would you CLAIM FOR Therapy AFTER Your holiday?

A?Should you sustained a trauma or suffered sickness while overseas and you wouldn\’t seek medical care there, then normally (with respect to the terms and conditions to your travel cover policy), you may have as many as 72 hrs upon your come back to Singapore to find treatment here, then claim because of these expenses.

But in case you sought treatment overseas, then you definately most often have (again, determined by your policy) approximately Thirty days upon revisit Singapore to carry on your medical treatment here.

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Q Is undoubtedly an ANNUAL TRAVEL POLICY Right Available for you?

A?Mr Lam advises when you happen to be travelling on your own, you should select individual cover. When you are travelling being a family with children below 18, select a plan which provides family cover.

If you travel often, consider make certain plan to read more bang for your buck. Most annual plans cover a large volume of round trips in a 12-month period.

However, keep in mind that every one of your overseas trips should never last in excess of 3 months. And a few plans have restrictions: Including, if you are over 70, you can buy only a single-trip holiday insurance plan.

A type of this content appeared from the print edition in the Sunday Times on November 12, 2017, together with the headline ‘Checklist for travel insurance‘.?

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