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It seems obvious and you should take steps to shield your cards. Have a scenario where workmen arrive to service your air-conditioner, identical guys who have visited before.

\”While you have got met these folks before, always be sure that your a credit card are locked away, if not an adjudicator should find you were negligent,\” said the Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre (Fidrec).

\”Similarly, in case you have tourists in the home which team you might not be very knowledgeable about (just like your children\’s friends), you have to maintain cards properly.\”

Ms Choo Wan Sim, UOB\’s head of cards and payments, Singapore, advises cardholders to continually keep their cards in sight as an alternative to leaving them inside possessing the merchant. She also encourages customers to set SMS alerts based upon regular spending habits and risk threshold


In most visa or mastercard agreements between banks and customers, you will find a term on the grounds that the customer\’s liability is fixed to $100, if and simply if many of the conditions stated are met. Typically, these the weather is that:

  • You must immediately notify your bank additionally, the police on the loss or theft;
  • You had all reasonable steps to help you recover or stop the utilisation of the card; and
  • You couldn\’t cause or promote losing or theft, understanding that losing or theft is not due to your negligence or fraudulent act.

Fidrec says: \”The adjudicator considers all relevant facts in deciding whether you happen to be negligent. Create applies this law (usually, the fine print between you and your card-issuing bank) to determine maybe you are liable you aren\’t.\”

Ms Choo says contacting your budget can be done using a 24/7 hotline. Your budget may well then block the card and arrange another one.

\”The bank commences a study to examine circumstances that the card was lost, stolen or compromised and often will consider waiving the $100 liability when the investigations learn that the cardmember fell for crime additionally, the customer can demonstrate he had not been negligent,\” she adds.

#3: WHEN TO Generate a REPORT

Mr Anthony Seow, head of cards and personal loans at DBS Bank, says most banks\’ timeframes for disputes are within Ninety days from the transaction date. So check your statements regularly and a minimum of monthly.

With online/mobile banking, it\’s safer to monitor your card use to help you to report any unauthorised transactions towards your bank at the earliest opportunity.


It\’s perhaps the most common misconception that just because you have made a are accountable to law enforcement and/or your bank as early as you realised your card was missing, you are automatically not liable for fraudulent purchases containing it. Naturally, you have to complete a police report and notify your bank immediately when you are aware with the loss. But the truth is also have to have the ability to show this is taken reasonable care to safeguard your charge card always.


Let\’s assume you used your credit card to pay for your gym membership fees however the gym ceases operation and enters into liquidation.

You might think that asking your bank to refund the particular balance of your fees is easy. Unfortunately, the bank account may not be able to dig up your gym to execute a charge-back, specially if it has no assets the liquidator can market off, says Fidrec.

And even though you pay your bank by instalments, the final results would remain a similar, as your bank would have paid your gym in its entirety anyway and you also remain accountable for the check, it added.

DBS\’ Mr Seow adds that banks are not answerable for any disputes in connection with defective goods or services. \”Your first approach is always to make sure to resolve your dispute when using the merchant,\” he adds.

\”Failing which, you possibly can check out file a dispute with your card-issuing bank. Make sure you provide your bank with documentary proof or evidence the defective good or service to ensure the bank can initiate a charge-back on the merchant.\”

Fidrec says you can find often a term inside the card agreement that a bank is just not subject to any defect, deficiency, performance or expertise of the services or goods made available from the merchants.

\”At adjudication at Fidrec, these stipulations between mom and her bank would be relevant for determining liability. After you patronise a dubious merchant that eventually can\’t deliver, you may still be responsible for the fees from that merchant,\” it adds.


Mr Seow warns that if you\’re overseas, you may encounter the subsequent situation: Your card is somehow retained by way of the ATM and nearby \”customers\” insist you input your PIN to retrieve it.

\”Do not focus on them C call your bank and get your card blocked immediately,\” according to him.

Fidrec also warns of some dubious practices of some overseas drinking establishments. Patrons have alleged they had been expected to sign under duress (as an example, threatened by of physical harm) for exorbitant bills for drinks.

\”At adjudication at Fidrec, your argument might not be enough to let you disclaim liability for the bill, particularly if it was actually a \’cardpresent\’ transaction,\” Fidrec says.

\”These varieties of transactions are where their cardholder brilliant microchip-embedded credit card are physically present at the pos. Modifications difficult to prove the fact that transactions just weren\’t made and authorised by?the cardholder.\”

#7: Follow 3D SECURE SITES

For internet buyers, be certain to follow 3D Secure websites. It is possible to identify these by their \”Verified By Visa (VBV)\” or \”Secure- Code (MasterCard)\” logos, says Mr Seow.

#8: Be wary of PHISHING

Be on your guard in case you get any \”verify or maybe your account would expire\” form of scam emails, especially if you have accounts with music/video download providers and so on.

Such e-mails typically look for your bank card details, purportedly to authorise any future transactions.

If you respond and click on \”verify now\”, a one-time password (OTP) will be provided for your phone.

And for those who enter in the OTP, a fraudster within the other end might have successfully engineered a transaction.

Fidrec says: \”You would need to persuade the adjudicator at Fidrec\’s adjudication that explains why you should not be held liable for this transaction.\”

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A type of this post appeared in the print edition in the Sunday Times on November 26, 2017, with the headline ‘8 hacks to safeguard your plastic’.

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